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Happy New Year from Perthshire. What a bummer about the Pearl Jam tickets (and Christmas and wife's birthday of course). Can I rub it in further by noting one of my top events of 2022 was the week before Christmas, seeing Glasvegas in the Barrowlannds. I was introduced to Glasvegas about 15 years ago by a fellow expat Scot, and remember the thrill of hearing them online in my home in Vientiane, the cicadas competing at volume with these young lads belting out really emotional stories in their own Glaswegian voices. Now back in Scotland, I bought the Barrowlands tickets as soon as they went on sale months ago. A huge freeze looked like stymying it but I got there. The first concert I've been to since before covid, by myself as my husband, a dedicated concert goer, died during the pandemic. We'd gone to Barrowlands together over the years. It was everything I'd hoped for, in with the crowd who knew every word. I've never before seen so many men hug each other with exhilaration and emotion as the lights came up, and we were all, wrung out by the experience, spilling out, tired and emotional as traditionally Glasgow, into the minus 8 Glasgow night.

Hope you get to Pearl Jam. Sorry, that all just spilled out.

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