Originally published in Gutter 12 (Spring 2015)
First published in Shoreline of Infinity 16 (Autumn 2019)
I’m a big fan of Dundas’s first novel Goblin, and when I heard she was writing dystopian science fiction, one of my favourite genres, I was pretty damn…

February 2023

From "Envy the Seasons"
First published in Gutter 25 (Spring 2022)
First published in Shoreline of Infinity 5 (Autumn 2016)
Second time around...

January 2023

Originally published in Four Letter Word: Heat (2021)
Originally published in Shoreline of Infinity 15 (June 2019)
Originally published in The Dillydoun Review 1 (2020)
This was a very poor month for reading, in part because of work (I was doing editorial work on two novels, one science fiction and one thriller, which…

December 2022

So that’s been a year (thirteen months, technically) of my Substack adventures and I’d tentatively say it’s been a success. There have been a few…